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how generate a ssh key for ssh login from within cloudron admin panel

  • Is it possible to generate a ssh key for login into the server with ssh from a terminal within the admin panel?
    I think I deactivated the ssh password connection, ...

    ssh loginname@my.cloudron.instance is not working with the standard password, which I use to login.

    All the best and thank you very much!

  • Staff

    Hi there,

    SSH login is usually handled by the the server provider. Cloudron does not have a UI to manage SSH login methods. If you are locked out of your server, usually your VPS provider has a way to reboot the server with a SSH key setup or a reset root password.
    Otherwise if for some reason this does not help in your situation you can try to enable Cloudron remote support in the support view of your Cloudron dashboard and then send a mail to with your domain details. This may allow us to reset your SSH login details.


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