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  • Hi,
    I am noobish so bear with me please.
    I have a setup with runcloud and I had difficulty installing Postal SMTP after trying several times.
    Has anyone setup Postal with Cloudron? I saw there was an app request from 2 years ago and no other mention.
    I intend to install Mautic later on.

  • Staff

    Hi, I've moved the topic to app wishlist, since on Cloudron such apps should be packaged as an app.

    Cloudron already comes with a mail server built-in, I haven't yet fully looked into postal (assuming you are referring to ) and what components it brings.

  • Postal is a Mail Proxy, very useful if you work with software that uses APIs to send and receive emails, it also offers the possibility to work with SMTP backend too.

    it includes the management of aliases and antispam, but does not offer a big personalization as antispam settings.