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    You can use this thread to track updates to the Lychee package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

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    • Update Lychee to 4.0.6
    • Full changelog
    • This is a major update of Lychee. The app has been rewritten using Lavarel framework
    • Supports multiple users unlike v3
    • Support of HEIC files and subsequently convert raw files (e.g. .NEF) into jpeg
    • Ghostbuster command to clean up dead symlinks
    • Parse additional xmp sidecars files to update metadata
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    • Use latest base image
    • Update PHP to 7.3
    • Make php.ini customizable
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    • Update Lychee to 4.0.8
    • Full changelog
    • fixes #783 : Can't rename tag album
    • fixes #781 : Fixes a bug which prevented the use of sharing albums between users
    • fixes #779 : Fixes some missing information on Tag Albums in the front end.
    • fixes #766 : It is no longer possible to use the 'photo rotation' functionality
    • fixes #751 : In some rare instance, it was not possible to generate video thumbnails
    • fixes #769 : when moving pictures in Image view, the second try resulted in failure
    • fixes : Settings are accessible in Image view
    • new #758 : Add the possibility to chose the picture ordering per album