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  • Do we need any additional adjustments to the Redis object cache plugin and/or in the wp-config file?

    I have super slow dashboard once I activate the plugin.

    Also yesterday I had a strange issue - my mini-cart had a product but when I add another one this product disappear and the new one takes its place, aka it is only visual. It happens on every browser, even private browser and even after cookies clearing. Once I flushed the Redis cache the problem disappeared. Because of this, I have disabled the Redis object cache yesterday.

    P.S I am using WP Rocket + Cloudflare with the recommended settings. WP Rocket also suggests using the Redis object cache.

  • Staff

    I think I have seen some issues like this WP loses or is unable to reach redis. Are you able to give redis more memory and see if that helps?

    Otherwise, another angle to check is the Network tab of your browser dev tools. Can you see which request is "blocking" or taking too long?