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tunnel6 as own package or integrated in openvpn

  • Hey folks,

    it would be cool to have a package with more options to bring networks to the world.
    Some providers minimalize the service to DSLlite (private IP4, just IPv6) and so you can't reach local area network services over providers that only connect via IPv4 connections.

    A solution is tunnel6, so you can use your server and a port to make the local area network available over IPv4.
    Actually I had to install tunnel6 on the host system. But I think thats not a great idea?

    Thanks for your opinions and thoughts.


  • App Dev

    @SirFiChi I am not sure I understand. Do you have these connectivity issues on the local side ? Or on the server side ?

  • @mehdi On the local-site.
    My provider only has open IPv6 connections. IPv4 is handled over a non open IPv4 tunnel.

    Internet, IPv4: FRITZ!Box verwendet einen DS-Lite-Tunnel,
    Internet, IPv6: verbunden seit 26.05.2020, 10:51 Uhr, ...

    Server with IPv4 and tunnel6.
    [Raspi with HomeAssistant] <---IPv4 and IPv6 ---| [Fritz.Box] <---IPv6---| [Server with tunnel6] <---IPv4---| [Mobile Phone with IPv4]

  • You can close this topic. -.-
    I realized that homeassistant is limited to IPv4 support actually. =/