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SOLVED Mounted filesystem for backup (low bandwith) - optimize sshfs read/write transactions

  • I have just established to mount my home server via sshfs as a backup source. While there are obvious drawbacks It works nicely so far and I want to continue to give it a try.
    In view of the more limited bandwidth I have come to realize that the cloudron backup service creates a box.tar.gz on the mounted (limited bandwidth) network share and then copies this file from the mounted share to another directory on the very same mounted share.

    I am wondering if this transaction can be optimized in order to be mindful of low bandwith situations?!? E.g. create the box. tar.gz file in a tmp directory on the cloudron server and then copy it to the network share (that should save the read and write transactions from the network share, shouldn't it?)
    Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 11.29.04.png

  • Staff

    You may want to check if you have hardlinks enabled. Then the "copying" is a very fast operation.

  • @nebulon was not enabled. Let me check the time for the next backup. Thanks a lot meanwhile.

  • @nebulon That did the trick, thanks a lot again.