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What's coming in 5.5

  • Staff

    There's a few minor bugs/annoyances in 5.4. So, we though we will do a quick 5.5 with a couple of features before 6.0. We also have to update all the app packages to have correct screenshots links since they use the old s3 path style links (they have to be changed to vhost style links).

    • Contrast issues in dark mode
    • File manager does not work when a custom data directory is set
    • Fix sticky notifications
    • Backup upload/download speed - Currently, backups can be quite slow but we have some ideas to speed it up
    • Allow backup and update schedule to be set. Currently, this is all hard coded
    • Mailbox sharing

  • @girish Again, appreciate the call to move forward faster with small incremental changes.

  • Staff

    Some updates on this release:

    • Contrast issues that have been repoted have been fixed

    • File manager has also been fixed to work with custom data directories

    • Sticky notification of backups is gone and moved into the backup view. Also, moved the notification indicator:

    • Backup schedule and update schedule is now lot more configurable. You can select the exact days and hours you want them to happen (in your Cloudron's timezone).



    • Postgres is upgraded to PostgreSQL 11 (required for GitLab) and bunch of extensions have been enabled for various apps.

    Rest of the features are being worked on.

  • App Dev

    @girish said in What's coming in 5.5:

    Postgres is upgraded to PostgreSQL 11 (required for GitLab)

    @girish so is this the release that's finally gonna drop support for Ubuntu 16.04 (as the underlying OS) ? I believe Postegres 11 wasn't compatible with it. Or is it containerized so the underlying OS doesn't matter ?

  • Staff

    We already updated the addon/app base image to Ubuntu 18.04 so that works with new postgresql. That is independent from the actual host OS though.

  • Staff

    In the interest of just getting this out, we will push the mailbox release back for a future release.

  • Staff

    An update. This is going through the CI now. Looks like we should have this release out tomorrow.

  • Staff

    For the early adopters, 5.5 is out. You have to go to settings -> check for updates -> update. Highly recommend having a backup since both PostgreSQL and MongoDB both have major upgades. PostgreSQL is now 11 and MongoDB is now 4.

  • Thanks @girish when do you think this will become 'stable'?

  • Staff

    We usually take a day or two to find any regressions and would release a patch version then. Then again we would wait for 1 or 2 days in case a regression is still there. If it goes smooth we will put it for auto-update in a couple of days latest.

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