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SOLVED i18n broken on this forum

  • App Dev

    It seems that for me, since today at least (I think it wasn't the case yesterday), various strings in the UI of this forum are broken:



    Also, it seems I cannot change the language anymore in the preferences.

    It's really not a big deal, but I wanted to let you know 🙂

  • Staff

    Yes indeed I was already looking into this. For some reason there are no languages supported in this instance of the forum since the update.
    I wasn't able to reproduce it outside of that instance though.

  • Staff

    After an app reconfiguration and thus triggering refreshing the plugins, this issues appears to be solved.

  • App Dev

    @nebulon it's really weird, the issue seems solved on my side everywhere, except on the composer.textarea.placeholder example I gave

  • Staff

    Indeed I see that also as the last remaining artifact from the missing translation. I rebuilt and restarted nodebb but that didn't change this at least so far.

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