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Before I install this, can it download to a directory whose media contents can be accessed by other apps?

  • I am curious if this is possible. Otherwise, I'll have to download media, but then move them again to make them accessible, right?

  • That's not how it works, this app is going to allow you to download video from whatever URL it supports, the app does not save video on the server, instead when the download is ready, you can choose what quality you want to download, once the download starts it works like any download, it goes to your computer.

  • @rmdes Seems redundant then. I already have youtube-dl on my laptop which I use in my Terminal, and it downloads to the laptop, or in other words, to the same device it is on. Hence, it seemed logical that a VPS-based youtube-dl would also download to the same device -> the VPS. Who actually uses this then, as it seems you have to choose the downloads twice: Once on the youtube-dl, and then again to your computer. I might just go ahead and install it, see for myself. If it is as you describe, I don't use the point of it being installed on a VPS (at least on a Cloudron install, if it won't download to the Cloudron VPS).

  • Staff

    @scooke The main advantage is that you don't have to install youtube-dl locally.

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