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SOLVED Use a different domain for a Cloudron application

  • I installed Cloudron under the domain so my Cloudron control panel runs at the
    however I have noticed every application that I try to install is also installed under the same domain. Is it possible to use a different domain?
    Maybe using CNAME records?

  • You can add as many domains as you need from your Dashboard. Under your username is a dropdown menu (1), and in that you will see an option for Domains & Certs (2), and from there you can enter in a new domain, sometimes using a handy API from a registrar. Of course, you have to have set an A record for the domain(s) you are adding (do this ahead of time for it to work seamlessly).

    Or, in the App dashboard, you can simply add a subdomain if you want to keep just one domain. So,, or, etc.



    Enter domain name here

  • @alejandrolengua This documentation page is mostly geared towards setting up with different DNS providers, but this is a good place to start too as you'll need this to add new domains to your Cloudron server: