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SOLVED My Taiga App Broken After Automatic Update ! Please help

  • Hello

    i have a taiga App Running
    Today found out suddenly that it is not working - just blank screen
    and i the update history that it is updated automatically yesterday
    Please help me fix it


  • Staff

    Hi, do you see any errors in the app logs? If you need the app immediately please after taking a look at the logs and possibly posting the error here, you can restore the app to the previous version.

  • i looked again
    i don't think the update did that
    i even restored a bcakup that was made 2 days earlier but i get the same error (just white page)
    something is wrong and can't determine the reason !

    the logs show nothing
    everything is normal !

    please help me solve this

  • Staff

    @mdegla Can you write to us on ? It's hard for us to help debug without logs.