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  • Staff

    An update on the transcoding situation in Emby. We managed to get hardware transcoding working yesterday, yay!. As it stands, we will start with supporting hardware that has VA-API support. This should also cover intel chips that support QuickSync.

    From packaging perspective, I have added a "vaapi" to the capabilities list. When added in manifest, the container gets access to the dri devices.

    I made this post to check if others have different setups? For example, anyone run Cloudron on hardware with NVIDIA GPU?

    Obligatory screenshot:


  • Staff

    Before someone asks, I will port over the changes to Jellyfin package as well. I started with Emby because I couldn't get Jellyfin app's chromecast to work.

  • @girish
    for "Trascoding" read "Transcoding"

  • App Dev

    I can run a test instance for you @girish on Azure with NVidia et al using the N series VMs if you like/need a tester. Couple different config options to play with. Just LMK