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Nextcloud in Error state even though it's running (after Cloudron 5.5 update)

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    CPU usage after the re-import:


  • Since I was pressured for time, I re-setup Nextcloud from scratch, imported the backup and went that route. Really stressful and I hope I don't have to do that again. Makes you realize why you pay for certain cloud services...

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    @necrevistonnezr thanks for the update. We have fixed the code in the meantime that causes this.

  • @girish Now I know why support didn't work out: Cloudron blocked my answer from my Cloudron mail account to you guys - as mail relay via Sendgrid - as spam.... (!)
    FYI: the shown IP does indeed belong to Sendgrid.

    Screenshot of SendGrid.jpg

    So mail relay via Sendgrid from the Cloudron mail server is not reliable, I guess....

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    Ah, looks like the sendgrid IP is blacklisted by zen spamhaus (which cloudron uses by default).

    $ host -t TXT descriptive text ""
 says phishing mails are originating from that IP. Can you tell sendgrid about this (the link says you as customer can do nothing about it)?

  • I reported it to Sendgrid, this was their answer:

    When sending email through an account that is under the Free or Essentials pricing package, your account will be utilizing a shared IP pool. Being grouped with others in a pool of shared IP's can offer several benefits, especially if you are only sending a moderate amount of email.
    Although there are benefits to sending on shared IP's, there are also risks which can sometimes produce unintended negative consequences. If some of these users display poor sending habits or behavior, it can negatively affect others (you) within the group.

    Essentially, you need to be on a paid plan, otherwise you end up in spam lists. The thing is, no one tells you that. And you only find out that your mail was blocked when you login to the account and go to the "Blocked" subsite. In my case, I found out that a job application didn't go through 14 days ago. I get that they wanna sell you something but at least tell me about it. I learned the hard way, this is the end for me for self hosted mail. Imapsynced my Cloudron mail back to my old provider and that's that.

  • You can use their web api and catch events like those through webhooks. Not sure if I set it up at sendgrid, because I left after a few days of testing (and for that exact reason, getting randomly blocked because of bad IPs) and went to Mailjet.

    There I've got a webhook which is pulled by a zapier task a few times a day, which notifies me when an email got blocked/bounced, maybe that's something to consider to set up.

  • Correction: it wasn't zapier, but integromat

  • Related to Sendgrid and why their IPs are identified as spam sources:

  • well that was months ago, so they had that problem before that as well

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