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Best practice to have different feeds sections

  • Dear All,

    I've two kind of feeds: work and leisure.

    Which is the best practice to manage them separately, in two different instances?

    I would like to read work feeds in one session and keep separated from leisure feeds that normally I check in the weekend.

    I was thinking to use two different users, eg UserA for work feeds and UserB for leisure feeds. And log with different usernames. But I'm not sure because this bring me to add a different user to Cloudron and manage it with different permissions.

    As I understood, I cannot create users directly in app, right?

    Any experience?

    Hope my question was clear 🙂

    Thank's a lot!

  • Staff

    For my work flow, I just put them in categories 🙂


  • If you do have multiple users for an App, Firefox Containers or are handy for being logged into different user accounts at the same time. Personally I'm using Thunderbird now for RSS feeds but TTRSS does look good.

  • @girish Many thanks for suggestion my goal is to keep totally separate. I want to avoid time-distraction feeds to my daily workflow.

    Also, I work with a clean RSS feed queue to read so if I put work and leisure feeds together i cannot have my feed clean. 🙂

  • @marcusquinn In fact, I created another account on Cloudron with "user" privileges, then I created an app-specific password for Tiny Tiny and I'll put there all "leisure" feeds so I can keep separate from others.

    Also, thank's a lot for suggestion: WebCatalog seems to resolve different steps to login-in, out form platforms. I'll check!