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  • Dear all,

    I got this error when sending an email via Tiny Tiny Rss ("Email share article" plugin):

    SMTP connect() failed.

    In the error log i get this error:

    Aug 20 20:15:39 sh: 1: /usr/sbin/sendmail: not found

    Email settings of app it seems to works fine...

    Where I have to take a look?

    Thank's a lot!

  • Staff

    @p44 Which package version are you on? This is supposed to be fixed in v1.25.0 .

    Can you check the SMTP settings in /app/data/config.php ? It should have a section like this:

        // *********************************
        // *** Email and digest settings ***
        // *********************************
        define('SMTP_FROM_NAME', 'Tiny Tiny RSS');
        define('SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS', getenv('CLOUDRON_MAIL_FROM'));
        // Name, address and subject for sending outgoing mail. This applies
        // to password reset notifications, digest emails and any other mail.
        define('DIGEST_SUBJECT', '[tt-rss] New headlines for last 24 hours');
        // Subject line for email digests
        define('SMTP_SERVER', getenv('CLOUDRON_ENV_SMTP_SERVER') . ':' . getenv('CLOUDRON_MAIL_SMTP_PORT'));
        // Hostname:port combination to send outgoing mail (i.e. localhost:25).
        // Blank - use system MTA.
        define('SMTP_LOGIN', getenv('CLOUDRON_MAIL_SMTP_USERNAME'));
        // These two options enable SMTP authentication when sending
        // outgoing mail. Only used with SMTP_SERVER.
        define('SMTP_SECURE', '');
        // Used to select a secure SMTP connection. Allowed values: ssl, tls,
        // or empty.

  • @girish Dear Girish, thank's a lot for your reply!

    I've v1.25.0 package and yes, config.php appears exactly as you described.

    I double checked in config.php using the new fantastic FileManager 🙂

    Let me know if I can do other checks to fix this problem.

    Thank's a lot!

  • @girish Dear Girish, any news about this problem?

  • Staff

    @p44 Can you also check if the same /app/data/config.php has a line like this?

        define('PLUGINS', 'auth_ldap, mailer_smtp, note');

    The above enables the SMTP plugin and the email settings (above) set the SMTP credentials.

    With these both, there is no reason for ttrss to use sendmail. How are you testing this btw? Is this the digest feature?

  • @girish all perfectly as you described... but still have that problem... I'm using the "Forward Email" function

    Schermata 2020-09-01 alle 20.00.08.png

  • Staff

    @p44 Where is this button? In the feeds or in preferences? I can't seem to find it in my installation.