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Confluence Licence question to help with migration

  • I wonder if anyone's done this before?

    We have a Confluence stack on a separate VPS that I'd like to migrate to Cloudron.

    Does anyone know if I can use the same Licence on this server at the same time to run both in parallel until we complete the migration?

    I suppose it might depend on if Confluence has a phone-home licence-check feature?

    We're not renewing the licence as I eventually want to migrate all the content off and onto an unrestricted documentation management app - but for now it's be useful just to have it on Cloudron to close off another legacy VPS.

  • Staff

    Good question, but I think this is one which only Atlassian can answer definitely. From what I have seen, they are not very picky about these things. They also don't immediately shutdown everything just because the license expires. The software continues to run indefinitely, just updates don't work.

    Side note: We do copy many of the things which they do when it comes to subscription management. We don't shutdown servers and crash randomly when licenses expire. All it does is not provide updates.

  • I've tried it for you.
    Two Confluence instances on the same Cloudron with the same domain. The only difference is the subdomain. Both have the same license. It works 🙂
    But I have no idea how long this setup will work. I only installed the second instance to test your use case.

  • Magic! Thank you @girish and @luckow I owe you both a 🍺