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Setting sessionidle parameter in default.json

  • Hi there, and many thanks for the great work !

    I would like to set the sessionidle parameter in /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/ as advised in This setting is really important as it determines the time a user session is considered idle and thus the onlyoffice cache is flushed into the nextcloud file. By default, it is never flushed, so if a user is still connected to a document, the modifications performed by any user are only present in this cache and nextcloud file sync does not see them.

    As the container is read-only, the default.json config file cannot be modified. Any tip to do that, even at the command line, even if a stop / restart of the docker container is implied would be greatly appreciated, independently of a more long term solution.

    Many thanks,

  • Staff

    @fcayre In our nextcloud installation, onlyoffice docs automatically auto-save pretty much immediately. Here's a screen cap (see the bottom bar) it auto-saves almost immediately. Is that not the case for you?

    Youtube Video

  • Staff

    FWIW, you can try overriding the value in /app/data/Config/production-linux.json (Console -> File Browser). I think the value needs to be like

    "services": {
      "CoAuthoring": {
        "expire": {
           "sessionidle": "1h"

    Then just restart the app.