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checkDiskSpace not notifying about low diskspace in /boot?

  • App Dev

    I still have one dedicated server which has a /boot partition.

    The box.log was showing

    2020-09-12T11:30:00.002Z box:disks Checking disk space
    2020-09-12T11:30:00.004Z box:janitor Cleaning up expired tokens
    2020-09-12T11:30:00.010Z box:janitor Cleaned up 0 expired tokens.
    2020-09-12T11:30:00.096Z box:disks checkDiskSpace: disk space checked. ok: true
    2020-09-12T11:30:00.096Z box:notifications alert: id=diskSpace title=Server is running out of disk space

    for a while, but I never got notified, that the partition was 97% full. Does cloudron only notify about the partition where it resides? I only checked the logs because I'm having a different issue (more on that later) and found that by chance. Fixed after doing a apt-get autoremove, but some kind of notification would be nice 😉

  • Staff

    Ah we did hit that kernel/initramfs issue with /boot getting filled up by Ubuntu already before. If it is 100% full even the autoremove fails.

    Would be good to actually not just maybe warn about that, but see how the whole situation can be mitigated in the first place. Afterall it is not much use to have that many kernel versions around.