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Additional IMAP accounts fail to send with SMTP originator not accepted error

  • Hi! I have a few email addresses on different domains that Cloudron handles email for. I have tried to add domain2 and domain3 to my domain1 SOGO account so I can see all my emails in one place like I can with Rainloop.

    Unfortunately, while the initial IMAP setup works and I can read email, anytime I send from domain2 or domain3 it fails with the following error.

    cannot send message: (smtp) originator not accepted 

    My IMAP configuration matches what is shown for domain1 which was filled in by Cloudron when I login, namely the following.

    Server name: my.domain
    Port: 993
    Encryption: SSL
    User name: account@domain2
    Password: {password for account}

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or what to try and investigate next?

  • Staff

    @adrw I think this setup doesn't work with SOGo because SOGo does not have a mechanism to have a different SMTP info for each mailbox/account. I am not sure why it's this way but this is how the app is (unlike other email apps). From what I can tell, it's designed to be used with a single account or multiple accounts on the same domain but not different accounts from different domains.

    @nebulon can confirm if this is the case.

  • Staff

    That is correct, SOGo works only with one STMP per account. Also not sure why that restriction ist there and design choice was made.

  • thanks @girish @nebulon for clarifying, definitely a bit of a downer but I hope SOGO opens it up that configuration in a future release!