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SOGo connectivity issue with Cloudron 5.6

  • Staff

    There is a bug in 5.6 that the email server field is populated incorrectly in SOGo. This happens if you updated to 5.6 and updated to SOGo 5 afterwards. In the logs, you will see something like this:

    Sep 14 12:52:36 Sep 14 16:52:36 sogod [33]: <0x560572f2c170[SOGoMailAccount]:0> renewing imap4 password
    Sep 14 12:52:36 2020-09-14 16:52:36.226 sogod[33:33] ERROR(-[NGActiveSSLSocket startTLS]): couldn't setup SSL connection on host (error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1))...
    Sep 14 12:52:36 Sep 14 16:52:36 sogod [33]: [ERROR] <0x0x560572fa0c60[NGImap4ConnectionManager]> IMAP4 login failed:

    The workaround is to go to SOGo's Location section and just click Save. This will re-configure SOGo to have the correct mail server.

    This will be fixed in 5.6.1.