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Organize Apps Into Folders Via Tags

  • Being able to easily spawn multiple instances of all kinds of apps nearly instantly makes things get outta of hand pretty easily, maybe there could be an option to put apps into "folders" based on their tags?

  • @Lonk then imagine cloning "folders" with all apps inside!

    more like app collections or vApps.

  • @robi That'd be pretty cool too. Exporting whole "folders" (all apps from a tag) and importing them sounds pretty useful actually.

  • furthermore, have a networking view where you see all apps from their network perspective and pop them around.

  • @robi "pop them around"?

  • @Lonk imagine an interface with a list of networks, you select 2 of them, and it creates 2 columns with icons or names of all the apps using those networks. Then you can hover over an app and click plus or an arrow to add the app to the other column too, now in two networks.

    simpler would be to have a networking section in each app config and check the networks you want it to participate in.

  • @robi You should turn that into it's own request. I'd say it's far too complex to be in scope with this request. I'll upvote it if you create the Feature Suggestion post? ☺

  • @Lonk agreed, got too excited on that one.

  • @robi We all do! But, seriously, turn it into a real request and I'll upvote it, I liked the idea you were going for.

  • App Dev

    Hahaha I see you beat me too it. I deleted my dupe post. I was definitely thinking either something like collapsible lists or iOS/android app folders. I do like a tag based approach. My number one concern with this is being able to see the other apps while expanding or looking at a specific group, if that makes sense.

  • @atrilahiji I prefer the tag / label approach, and since tags are already built in, I figure they could pull this off first before getting into a more "drag and drop" kind of interface (as well as being able to toggle turning tag-based organization on and off).

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