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Do all apps in the App Store use the FROM Cloudron:2.0 base build?

  • I know any app from any FROM statement can run on Cloudron successfully. But I was just curious if all the official apps used it as their exclusive base?

  • Staff

    @Lonk Yes. The idea is to have all the common tools in the base image. I know there is a parallel world where people want to build minimalistic images but for Cloudron we want to make sure that if you get a Web terminal basic network, editing tools are available.

    Also, it's best to put the hash as well.

    FROM cloudron/base:2.0.0@sha256:f9fea80513aa7c92fe2e7bf3978b54c8ac5222f47a9a32a7f8833edf0eb5a4f4

    Tthis is because dockerhub does not provide a way to accidentally not overwrite tags. this protects again us pushing into cloudron/base:2.0.0 by mistake.

  • @girish Okay, gotcha, that makes sense. I think it’s a great idea. It’s not like your implementation isn’t “lean to an extent,” it’s just more “general purpose” lean I’m guessing. And yeah actually, I was curious that your cloudron Docker tag doesn’t / didn’t use the same versioning modem as Cloudron apps are required to have (2.0 instead of 2.0.0).

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