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  • Once multiple networks are selectable in each App config, a new view is possible based on their network configuration.

    As suggested by @Lonk, network folders full of Apps that use them.

  • Can you explain this suggestion a little clearer, can't seem to visualize what you're referring to network-wise.

  • So, basically you create a "Network Folder" and all apps within that folder share the same network instead of being isolated like they currently are? What are some use cases for that for you?

  • @Lonk for servers with multiple IPs or VPNs or proxies this is useful to segregate outgoing flows per domain/apps/customers.

    As we move up the abstraction layers, once we have a 'folder' of Apps which can be manipulated as a group configuration, again as customer pods or sub/domain services, the network abstractions are useful.

  • @robi Ahh, i completely understand now. This is a much complex level of what @girish and I are building right now with the VPN Client being one network you can choose to connect multiple other networks to. We’ve scoped that out pretty well so as we work on that and as it gets more fleshed out, I’ll update this ticket with advancements of how we might be able to have take this “sharing networks” basic concept further. I really like this train of thought though so I won’t forget it! ☺