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  • Allows for configuration of App for using other Apps that provide networking services, such as VPN, proxy, LB (load balancer), etc.

    This way we can chain Apps and services together.

  • I actually believe that @girish is working on the beginning of this, hardcoding the OpenVPN Client app I finished today to allow other apps to share it's network.

    So, I get it in a VPN perspective, but what other apps would you like to chain networks together?

  • @Lonk this is exactly where I read about this.. and this FR is for @girish to easily tag the feature so he doesn't have to write it 😉

    As for other services I already mentioned a few, proxies, load balancers, etc.

  • Oh, interesting, I hadn't thought of those other use cases for this, but I really like that you brought them up, thanks for the feature request! I'll keep this thread updated with any development on that end if @girish doesn't beat me to it! ☺