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UNSOLVED internal upgrades?

  • does anyone know how to prevent NodeBB from doing self upgrades and schema rebuilds? (not cloudron app image upgrade process)
    it keeps causing downtime for the forum if we can't control when it does this.

    The classic issue is when the forum doesn't bring up a login page anymore. Can only restore from a recent backup so far ;-/

    only thing in the log is this internal rebuild thing and caput.

  • Staff

    I don't think nodebb does upgrade itself. But it does rebuild static assets depending on which settings are changed or plugins installed.
    At least from what I can tell this only happens when triggered from the admin UI though.

    If you see something else, we would need more information what exactly happens in your instance.

  • @nebulon I have an instance that is broken and off, just for such a request.. you're welcome to start it up and see what went wrong, making it unusable.

    ping me on RChat for access

  • Still looking to get this resolved, as the forum is very fragile and loses data every time this happens.

    The data loss is due to the only way we can recover the app, which is from a past backup, and the client is doing backups every 3 hours because of this. 🤷 : 🤦

  • Staff

    @robi Can you enable SSH access and drop us an email on ? Also, any idea how we can reproduce the problem or is it just random?

  • It's already been reproduced in the backup image which was given to nebulon and now you, check your RC DM.

    Remote access not required.

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