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Snipe-IT - Package Updates

  • Staff

    This topic is to track Snipe-IT package updates.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

  • Staff


    • Fix image uploads

  • Staff


    • Update Snipe-IT to 5.0.4
    • Full changelog
    • Added attempted logins admin screen
    • Added better support for NFC/RFID/Barcode scanners in select boxes
    • Added ability to trigger password reset emails for users
    • Added department and manager to user import
    • Added php version check to upgrade.php
    • Added check for minimum PHP version in setup
    • Added #5957 - Flysystem support #6262 which allows you to use S3 or Rackspace to host your file uploads
    • Added console command to move local files to S3 (or other remote host) for Flysystem support
    • Added better asset acceptance flow (thanks, @uberbrady and @tilldeeke!)
    • Added console command to send inventory reports to users

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