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Freelance work posting rules

  • Staff

    Welcome to the Cloudron community, we hope you will find many like-minds here for making good things happen with the Cloudron platform and community.

    If you have work or skills to offer, please post your needs and expectations to announce your availability and interests.

    All agreements are between yourselves and the Cloudron forum is simply a place to meet people that can help each other.

    Please state your preferred contact method; DM chat in the forum is probably the safest way to share contact details privately.

    Be respectful for the value of what you ask for or offer. It takes years of experience to know how to do something in hours and days. Respect your work or your developer commission for the value of the results to you both. Allow for unexpected issues and maintenance.

    You can include links to your work if you wish but no affiliate links 3rd-party platforms, and no freelance recruitment platform marketing please.

    This is only for person to person networking, so no company promotion please. If you are seeking or know of full-time employment opportunities, that is still a personal networking referral.

    Cloudron is not a party to any contracts, offers no endorsement or assurances on the forum members communications and reserves the right to remove any advertising that is not related to the Cloudron platform, Apps and community spirit. Caveat Emptor & Caveat Venditor; Buyer Beware & Seller Beware.

    The moderators reserve the right to query any post or member on the legitimacy of their post, remove any post at any time for any reason without obligation for explanation, and all other forum etiquette rules apply.

    Welcome to your Cloudron Freelance Work community, and we look forward to hearing what you can all create together!

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