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Error alerts in the file manager

  • App Dev

    Hello !

    I just noticed that, in the file manager, when uploading multiple files at once, if there is an error during the upload there is basically no way to know without checking the console.

    I think an alert modal to warn of the error would be appropriate here. Just changing the text in the upload progress modal to "An error happened" with an "OK" button would do.

    Right now, it's quite annoying because it fails pretty often, and it's pretty much impossible to notice. It bit me once or twice.

    (btw, is it just me, or do uploads of multiple files often fail for no apparent reason?)

  • Staff

    Is there any pattern on which files fail? Like special names or sizes?

  • App Dev

    @nebulon Nope. It just seems that when I upload a bunch of files, like > 10 at a time, each files has a small chance of failing. I retry, it works.

  • App Dev

    Honestly, the failures are a bit annoying, but the main issue here is the lack of error message. It's much more problematic in my opinion.

  • App Dev

    (FYI, the request just seems to time-out in the network tab of dev tools. The error in the console is:

    Object { name: "ClientError", statusCode: "Request cancelled by browser", message: "Empty message or object" }


  • Staff

    I pushed a small fix for this. It now just states there is an error without further information. A better fix will come later, once I know what the best strategy is to display the error and how a user should succeed (like a retry button or such)

  • App Dev

    @nebulon Amazing, thanks ! Yeah, a better solution would be welcome on a longer term. But even just showing that there is an error is an enormous enhancement. I just had to go through a good dozen directories to check that each upload worked correctly ^^

    If you need any help / tests to further debug the underlying error, don't hesitate to ask !

    Thanks again for the amazing responsiveness 🙂

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