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DB unconfigured

  • Since the point of using Metabase is to connect it to a DB locally, should there be a default DB config?

    If not, how do we connect it to the local postgres/mysql?

    How about adding custom data?

    Say I have an Excel file or CSV and a Cloudron with Metabase. How do we get this to work?

    What makes sense is to have a way to create a new table in a DB and import the XLSX/CSV, then point Metabase at it, all local within Cloudron. How does one do that from within the Metabase container??

    This probably needs docs on all this.

  • Staff

    As far as I understand the point is that you connect Metabase to existing data sources. So the addon databases are kind of the wrong target here, since there is no data to analyze.
    The postgresdb is already configured for operational data of the app. Also maybe to store excel imports, but that I am not sure.

  • Staff

    That's my understanding as well. Metabase is meant to be used with some external data source. For example, the way we use it is by connecting it our RDS instance.

  • This is Cloudron. Self hosting. Including databases.

    How do we make it easier to get data in, suck it into a database of choice and easily point Metabase and other tools at it?

    If we do this right, we come up with our own data handling stack like LAMP is for the web.

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