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    You can use this thread to track updates to the Weblate package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

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    • initial version
  • Staff


    • Update Weblate to 4.3
    • Include user stats in the API.
    • Fixed component ordering on paginated pages.
    • Define source language for a glossary.
    • Rewritten support for GitHub and GitLab pull requests.
    • Fixed stats counts after removing suggestion.
    • Extended public user profile.
    • Fixed configuration of enforced checks.
    • Improve documentation about built-in backups.
    • Moved source language attribute from project to a component.
    • Add Vue I18n formatting check.
    • Generic placeholders check now supports regular expressions.
    • Improved look of matrix mode.
    • Machinery is now called automatic suggestions.
    • Added support for interacting with multiple GitLab or GitHub instances.
    • Extended API to cover project updates, unit updates and removals and glossaries.
    • Unit API now properly handles plural strings.
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    • Increase minimal memory limit
    • Add /app/data/.celery.env file to override worker options
  • Staff


    • Update Weblate to 4.3.1
    • Full changelog
    • Improved automatic translation performance.
    • Fixed session expiry for authenticated users.
    • Add support for hiding version information.
    • Improve hooks compatibility with Bitbucket Server.
    • Improved translation memory updates performance.
    • Reduced memory usage.
    • Improved performance of matrix view.
    • Added confirmation before removing user from a project.
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    • Remove celery beat pidfile usage
    • Increase minimal memory limit
  • Staff


    • Add new celery memory worker
  • Staff


    • Fix user invitation