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Can't write notifications.log

  • Oct 22 06:48:11 2020-10-22 06:48:11.726801842 +0000 UTC m=+3012.032390979 write error: can't open new logfile: open /app/code/logs/notifications.log: read-only file system

  • Staff

    @robi Good catch. I couldn't figure out where this is coming from in the admin UI. But looks like you can set this in the /app/data/config.json:

        "NotificationLogSettings": {
            "EnableConsole": true,
            "ConsoleLevel": "DEBUG",
            "ConsoleJson": true,
            "EnableFile": true,
            "FileLevel": "INFO",
            "FileJson": true,
            "FileLocation": "",
            "AdvancedLoggingConfig": ""

    I guess set EnableFile to false. It's unclear if FileLocation is a file or a directory since I cannot find any docs on this.

  • will you be symlinking the logs dir or just turning it off in the next update?

  • Staff

    For new installations, I already fixed it - to disable EnableFile to false by default. For existing ones, users have to edit the file manually.