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How do you guys set up cloudron straight from a `box` checkout?

  • Not sure this is where I should post this, but...

    Well, I'm still working on the raspberry pi thing, and I'd like to try and install Cloudron straight from a box checkout, as it's easier to just change stuff and try again. But cloudron-setup downloads the image from the internet.

    I previously just switched the curl line for the copying of an extracted version of the image to the temp source dir. Should I just copy the whole box directory somewhere in this step, or is there an easier way that I can't think of right now? Anyone here with experience working on box code that could chip in with an idea?

  • Staff

    We use the hotfix script. Follow the thread in . Since this is the first time, we actually "port" to a new platform, it's possible the hotfix approach is not ideal.

  • I know the hot fix tool isn't ideal in this case, but it'll save you a lot of time depending on how far you're into the porting process.

  • @girish and @Lonk this seems to make sense, but I don't think I can install a first version of cloudron in order to use hotfix, which seems to be how this works, right?

  • Staff

    @malvim Right. So in that case, you have to do this one by one. Make cloudron-setup work. Does that work already? If it's only failing at the end, like where it looks for the box code to come up, you can ignore it. After that hotfix will work.

  • @malvim Definitely update us on progress in either thread. I'll be getting my Pi in November and will join the "Cloudron on Pi" team! ☺