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    This topic is to track Navidrome package updates.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

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    • Initial version
  • Staff


    • Update Navidrome to 0.37.0
    • [UI] New Album Grid! Thanks @christophernewton
    • [UI] Moved settings to the top right user menu
    • [UI] Added Russian translation. Thanks @lun4r
    • [UI] Better contrast for action buttons when multiple tracks are selected
    • [Server] Updated Subsonic API version to 1.16.1
    • [Server] Added startScan and getScanStatus to the Subsonic API
    • [Server] Improved artist matching from Last.FM and Spotify
    • [Scanner] Faster scanner startup, specially for network mounted libraries
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    • Update Navidrome to 0.38.0
    • Full changelog
    • [UI] New Activity panel (top right) shows server info and allows triggering rescans manually (#130)
    • [UI] Moved notifications to the top, so they are not covered by the player
    • [UI] Added comments to Songs and Albums
    • [UI] Added <-, -> (skip songs), =, - (volume) and m (collapse left menu) hotkeys
    • [UI] Added optional Gravatar support. Can be enabled with new config option and requires user's emails being correct
    • [UI] Added Thai translation, thanks @aneekl
    • [UI] Added Esperanto translation, thanks @ebanDev
    • [UI] Don't disable media controls when buffering (#568)
    • [Server] New, faster, cache folder layout
    • [Server] New config option to globally disable download options in the UI