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Cloudron as a VPS control panel?

  • I'm looking at moving from a shared WebHosting account to VPS.

    Can you use Cloudron as the main admin software to manage your VPS or do you also need to install a control panel like: CPanel, Plesk, ISPConfig, Ajenti, etc, alongside? Or can cloudron and web apps do everything that server control panels do?

    If so, are there any particular vps control panels that people have found to work well alongside Cloudron?

  • App Dev

    Hi @jasonchrysos,
    the general recommendation is to not install additional software on the Cloudron host, so you could say that Cloudron is kind of a VPS control panel (Cloudron takes care of updates, reminds to yo reboot afterwards, takes care of backups, installs and updates apps from its store).

  • I found Cloudron to more than adequately address, and in some parts automate, all usual Cpanel functionalities.

    It uses container underneath, so it's a different model of dealing with users and permissions mainly.

  • Yeah, it's bit different. People used to cPanel will probably be used to using phpMyadmin and stuff like that, and there isn't really a Cloudron equivalent. But, like @ruihildt says, Cloudron does pretty much everything that's needed. Try it out and see what you think!

  • I switched from other panels to Cloudron. I never regret. Server updates are managed and setting up the e-mail is guided very well. Furthermore, I find the dashboard more clearly arranged. To make it short: there is no need to use Servers terminal or another panel.