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  • PrivateBin - Package Updates

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    Update PrivateBin to 1.6.0 Full changelog This release adds translations for Japanese & Arabic
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    @LoudLemur If you go to the file manager for you PrivateBin app you can change line 41 to be what you want. (same link the cloudron docs provide) the PrivateBin repo provides examples of templates so you can add those. Below is lines 40 and 41 if you want to use the bootstrap dark template do the same thing.

    ; template to include, default is "bootstrap" (tpl/bootstrap.php) template = "bootstrap-dark"

    The Cloudron docs then go into what you need to do if you want to create your own template to use with PrivateBin. You would create the custom.php template and add it to the file manager in /app/data/custom_template/custom.php and then go back into the conf.php file and change line 41 to be the below.

    template = "custom"
  • what is best if I add new language file ?

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    @freetommy says they use crowdin. So, you can use that interface to help translate.

  • Customizing Look and Feel

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    @telos-one looks like the PrivateBin wiki has some configuration options that you're able to use, including a title. But on first glance I didn't see a way to switch out the logo. Worth a glance and a potential question on their Github issues.

  • custom theme not working

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    @thetomester13 yes. it is about the privatebin templates, but I think it is also tricky to update these because hash-check-values for js files etc… I tested it and they will now be picked up.

    I checked it now. after a new update, it is already broken. a custom theme should also have the js hash numbers to verify and after an update these (or something else changes and the new template does not work any more. so custom themes are not a good idea in the actual state of the module, how it works now. someone has to dig deeper into it to find maybe a proper solution. for now I would say, it is not a good idea to do so, like nebulon suggested already and I have now the proof for that 😜

  • PrivateBin Bugfix

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    @legacy I have pushed an update to privatebin package which picks up the fix