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    @jdaviescoates Hello

    I don't know if this is much help, but I have landed on using the following procedure:

    First, on my Cloudron box, I mount my library as a shared volume. I then sync this volume to the Calibre web app using the following syntax:

    rsync -azP --delete /mnt/volumes/<volumeid>/ /home/yellowtent/appsdata/<appid>/data/library

    Notice the trailing slash on the source, but not on destination.

    The drawback on this method is that changes I make in the Calibre web app are overwritten when doing an rsync. So I try to not use the web app for changes (uploads, metadata edits etc).

    More on this on this topic: Calibre not able to write on mounted (cifs) volume

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    @jdaviescoates totally confusing for sure. Not cloudron's fault completely as TLS is just an update to SSL. The problem comes from old software I think where SSL (the verb) is still being used where TLS should be. Both are technically the same, one is just newer.

    Or at least that is what google would suggest lol. Either way, you can never have too many docs so an update to specifically call this out when working with SMTP ports would be useful.

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