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    @scooke @LoudLemur @nebulon


    My data is stored in 3 places:
    a. local storage (Only this is included in the 'App backups')
    b. mounted volume (for certain options that are temporarily space-intensive, like: tmp & streaming_playlists )
    c. object storage (primary/permanent storage for the video files)

    The config in production.yaml :

    storage: tmp: '/media/my-mounted-volume/my-project/storage/tmp/' # Use to download data (imports etc), store uploaded files before processing... avatars: '/app/data/storage/avatars/' streaming_playlists: '/media/my-mounted-volume/my-project/storage/streaming-playlists/' redundancy: '/app/data/storage/redundancy/' logs: '/app/data/storage/logs/' previews: '/app/data/storage/previews/' thumbnails: '/app/data/storage/thumbnails/' torrents: '/app/data/storage/torrents/' captions: '/app/data/storage/captions/' cache: '/app/data/storage/cache/' plugins: '/app/data/storage/plugins/' client_overrides: '/app/data/storage/client-overrides/' bin: /app/data/storage/bin/ well_known: /app/data/storage/well_known/ tmp_persistent: /app/data/storage/tmp_persistent/ # Use two different buckets for Web videos and HLS videos on AWS S3 storyboards: /app/data/storage/storyboards/ web_videos: /app/data/storage/web-videos/ object_storage: enabled: true # Example AWS endpoint in the us-east-1 region endpoint: '' # Needs to be set to the bucket region when using AWS S3 region: 'region' web_videos: bucket_name: 'my-bucket-name' prefix: 'direct/' streaming_playlists: bucket_name: 'my-bucket-name' prefix: 'playlist/' AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: 'my-key-ID' AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY: 'my-access-key' credentials: aws_access_key_id: 'my-key-ID' aws_secret_access_key: 'my-access-key' access_key_id: 'my-key-ID' secret_access_key: 'my-access-key' max_upload_part: '1GB' For Remote Runners:

    a. cb1339ef-0ec4-4767-8f7b-5b573e3c276a-image.png

    b. 2c492638-b754-4c36-a1de-cec5ab00550a-image.png

    c. Set up remote machine(s) using the Peertube CLI to connect to your app, using the Runner registration tokens.

    For Matomo, i'm using a plugin:



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    Loki / Promtail

    Loki requires Promtail.

    Loki is available as a Grafana plugin, and includes the binaries for Promtail. Also, the plugin is included with the installation, so no additional installation is required:

    Tempo is included in Grafana by default:

    This is available as a Cloudron package

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    I am trying to only do this from the Cloudron hosted versions of Metabase/Grafana.

    I followed your instructions and this worked perfectly, took the username, password, port, host, and database name from the environment variables within the Wekan web console, entered them in Metabase, and was able to connect and see the data.

    Thank you!