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SOLVED Reading Wekan Mongo DB from Metabase/Grafana

  • I would like to create some Kanban based dashboards, like cumulative flow diagrams, cycle time reporting, etc. using the data in the Mongo DB instance used by Wekan.

    I believe I can create the dashboard I would like using Metabase and/or Grafana with the Wekan Mongo DB instance as the datasource.

    What would be the right way to go about exposing the Mongo DB instance used by Wekan to inbound connections from Metabse and/or Grafana?

  • Staff

    @ChristopherMag If the Metabase/Grafana is in the same Cloudron , then you can :

    • Cloudron Dashboard -> Wekan -> Console -> Web Terminal
    • env | grep CLOUDRON_MONGODB. This gives mongodb credentials to configure metabase and grafana.

    If your Metabase/Grafana is hosted outside Cloudron, it's more complicated since we don't have a way to expose the database and we don't recommend this since we have not vetted exposing a database directly to the internet for security. One approach is to setup an SSH tunnel, but let me know if you want to go down this route.

  • I am trying to only do this from the Cloudron hosted versions of Metabase/Grafana.

    I followed your instructions and this worked perfectly, took the username, password, port, host, and database name from the environment variables within the Wekan web console, entered them in Metabase, and was able to connect and see the data.

    Thank you!