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    @nebulon said in meemo firefox apps:

    Actually the addon should just work already, I am using it with my personal meemo instance. You have to install the extension and then open your meemo app instance in a tab and while having that tab open, click on the extension. This is how they exchange tokens. From that point it should work against that meemo instance.

    so true, sorry I was looking for the traditional way to configure the addon and I didn't even saw the popup 😉

  • Meemo purged my notes

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    @jdaviescoates said in Meemo purged my notes:

    @nebulon you could perhaps also just remove the public feed/ sharing features completely given they don't currently work?

    I would support that approach !
    For me, public access is not desired and slightly contradictory to concept of private notes.
    Like sharing a Joplin or Standard Notes entry.
    Why would I want to ?

    It’s blurring the lines of private and team resource, and it goes into the slippery slope of managing more security.
    Just make it private.

    I only found the public feature was failing because I was testing. I didn’t actually want it.

  • Meemo creates an invalid email

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    I will mark this as solved, please follow up on github -