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BookStack - knowledge management application

  • Bad timing, I just pushed an update with the new manifestVersion, now LDAP is working properly. The downside: You still have to chose, either regular users or ldap, they won't mix.

    You can grab it from here: and this is how to get it working:

    1) Login after installation using email '' and password of 'password'
    2) Go to Edit Profile and change the password
    3) Go to settings and make sure that registration is disabled and the Default user role after registration is set to Admin (at least until you've first logged in with an admin-account) and save the settings (even when you haven't changed anything)
    4) Remove the comment of AUTH_METHOD=ldap in /app/data/.env
    5) Login with your Cloudron account

    I will check out the thing with saving a setting which seems to be default, if that works we don't need a default admin account and steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 won't be necessary 😉

  • Fixed, now all you have to do is login after installation and adjust the settings for new users!

    Todo: redis support

  • @msbt Just an FYI I am getting a LOT of login errors after restarting the container after initial login:

    Jun 26 20:59:30 + [[ ! -f /app/data/.env ]]
    Jun 26 20:59:30 + [[ ! -d /run/sessions/ ]]
    Jun 26 20:59:30 + chmod -R 755 /app/data/uploads /app/data/storage
    Jun 26 20:59:30 + php artisan migrate --no-interaction --force
    Jun 26 20:58:28 SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'REDACTED'@'f45baf31-
    Jun 26 20:58:28 somethingsomething.cloudron' (using password: YES)

    It has been sitting at repeating the above message for 30 minutes for me.

  • ok that doesn't seem right, I've removed migrations for now from startup (#php artisan migrate --no-interaction --force), gonna have to talk to @girish or @nebulon if something changed in the environment. if you grab the latest one, it should start up again. thanks for mentioning!

  • @msbt What do the migrations do here? If its for post-updates / install you can detect if you need to do that in bash by comparing files and such

  • Yeah that was in case a new version got out, I'll think of something better to handle that 😉

  • @msbt Just wanted to let you know, the fix you implemented did work. I am able to reconfigure, reboot, etc and it comes back up with no errors each time.

  • there has been a security release, please update to v0.26.3.

  • Staff

    Thanks a lot @msbt ! Bookstack is now available in the app store.

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