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  • We are trying to backup and restore our cloudron server version 1.8.4.
    But when we use the "cloudron-setup --provider generic --restore-url file:///..." we recive an invalid option response.
    Command and response bellow:

    ubuntu@w1b:~$ sudo ./cloudron-setup --provider generic --restore-url file:///var/backups/2018-03-24-105618-348/box_2018-03-24-121009-359_v1.8.4.tar.gz --version 1.8.4
    ./cloudron-setup: unrecognized option '--restore-url'

    Have you discontinued the restore-url on the cloudron-setup scritp?

  • Staff

    @Marcelo-Barcelos Cloudron 1.9 added a restore ui and we have thus discontinued support for restore-url since.

    For pre-1.9 cloudrons, just get the right cloudron-setup script from our git repos. So,

    chmod +x cloudron-setup
    ./cloudron-setup  --provider <provider> --restore-url="..."

    More info here -