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Disk filled up with kernel update artifacts

  • Staff

    Due to the many kernel updates lately for ubuntu, we have encountered a few situations where the Cloudron is down because the root filesystem gets filled up completely. This happens due to

    The symptoms are the root file system being 100% full as well as /boot partition nearly or entirely full. Check the state with df -h

    The steps to fix this situation are the following:

    rm -rf /var/tmp/mkinitramfs*
    dpkg --configure -a
    apt install
    apt autoremove

    This will cleanup old unused kernel images and initramfs files and ensures the latest kernel will be used. Once the above commands succeed cleanly, simply reboot the server and the Cloudron processes should be started automatically.

  • Staff

    @nebulon said in Disk filled up with kernel update artifacts:

    rm -rf /var/tmp/mkinitramfs*

    I had to instead do:

    cd /var/tmp
    find . -type f -delete -print

    This was running for like 5 hours! (and still running)

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