NextCloud Email client cannot be setup.

  • When trying to setup the NextCloud email client, the process fails with the following error:

    Error while creating the account: Creating account failed: Server does not support TLS connections.

    In manual configuration IMAP host is set to port 993 with SSL/TLS and SMTP is set to port 587 with STARTTLS as per documentation.

    On the server, both ports 993 and 587 are open with netstat output

    tcp6 0 0 :::993 :::* LISTEN
    tcp6 0 0 :::587 :::* LISTEN

    In reveiwing the issue, I discovered NextCloud doesn't support any thing but TLS1, does Cloudron only use TLS1.2?

  • I overlooked the closed tickets on Cloudron's NextCloud git repo. Setting the SMTP server to port 25 without encryption solved the issue as per the suggestion in this thread.

  • Also, it is safe to disable encryption since the communication is internal to the VM.

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