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  • hi,
    i'm trying to add a second domain to my cloudron.
    my domaine name is managed by ovh and i have set these dns zones: 0 NS 0 NS 0 A

    * 0 A 0 A

    when adding it on cloudron with wildcard or manual DNS API provider it always tell me 'Unable to get nameservers'.

    also trying to acces mydomain through broweser lead to nginx not found page so i think dns record might be ok .

  • Staff

    @TheNils For new domains, the NS record sometimes takes to propagate. That error message means that it's not propagated to the Cloudron server yet. You can try this:

    • SSH into the Cloudron
    • host -t NS (This should not display NXDOMAIN)
    • If the above works, it should work on Cloudron as well. If not, can try sudo systemctl restart unbound and then try adding the domain again?

    We will improve the error message to be more descriptive (