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SOLVED Enable sorting emails in threads on Cloudron's IMAP server.

  • Is it possible to enable sorting of emails by threads on Cloudron's default IMAP server?
    Dovecot's website doesn't appear to have any documentation on this topic and I'm wondering if there are any additional resources on configuring it if its possible.

  • Staff

    @Beryllium I think this is a feature of the mail client. Which mail client are you using?

  • @girish I've tried several, including connecting on the Nextcloud App Mail client as well as the SOGo App mail client. What convinced me this was an IMAP configuration issue was connecting to a different mail server and seeing that emails sent through it we're threaded by default, while emails sent through Cloudron's remained unthreaded and there existed no setting to change it.

  • Staff

    Is there any more information on this? For me all my clients I use, have the option to display folders as threaded or not, they also have then different sorting means depending on threaded or not.