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SOLVED Email service stops working

  • All of a sudden access to my email hosted on Cloudron stopped working - I was getting Auth Failed from Rainloop, RoundCube and my android clients. Checked email settings via Cloudron UI - tests were fine, users and accounts as expected. But email server was not accessible.

    What's worse - emails were not being delivered during the time I was unable to connect, which is a serious issue. I've just got emails that were sent hours ago.

    Re-configuring Rainloop (similar to fixing OpenVPN issue of hanging) all of a sudden fixed the issue - now my android client, Rainloop and Roundcube all allow me to log in just fine.

    3 main questions:

    • WTF? 🙂
    • Where do I look for details to figure out what's going on? And what should I be looking for?
    • Any better way fixing email rather than re-configuring a mail client?
  • Staff

    @alexy In the future when this happens, you can get the logs from docker logs -f mail. In 2.4, we are making those logs more accessible.

    TBH, I am not sure how re-configuring the mail client fixed the issue because it does not restart/reset the mail server.

    By any chance, are you on Cloudron 2.3 already? (See the footer)

  • @girish Not on 2.3 - 2.2.1 still.

    I was VERY surprised that my email server became available after re-configuring Rainloop. That's the reason for "WTF" is my list of questions - makes no sense. I was unsuccessful connecting to my mail server from my phone for the whole day - was getting "Auth failed" errors (both from an Android app and Rainloop), so when I got to a computer I've tried it again with no luck. Re-configured Rainloop just for the hell of it and right after that was able to check mail from all my clients.

    I'll try to see if I can get any logs from docker at this point, not sure if I'll have that.

    What would be the way to re-start my mail server? docker restart mail should do the job, i hope?

  • Staff

    Just to conclude this thread. Mostly restarting the mail container will bring back the email server. As mentioned by @alexy this is done via docker restart mail