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SOLVED Certificate renewal error because of htaccess password

  • App Dev

    I'm using a htaccess login/password on a private wordpress blog and apparently the certificate cannot be renewed due to that. The app also shows "Not responding", which isn't a problem, but the cert renewal is. Is there a way to bypass the htaccess login for either of those?

    Best regards

  • Staff

    @msbt Having a private blog or a custom htaccess should not cause problems with renewal since the cert renewal happens at the reverse proxy level (there is an nginx at the front of the app that will bypasss all the LE routes). Can you confirm incoming port 80 is open in your server? Otherwise, can you click on app configure and then check the output of journalctl -fa ?

  • App Dev

    Ah my bad, for whatever reason I deleted the DNS entry and didn't check what was up, all my fault :s