Monica: how to add new accounts?

  • I see there's an option to create newusers to interact with the very same data, but is there a way to make newaccounts? or is Monica a one-man-app :p

    Edit: it seems there's an option that disabled new account creation... any tips on how to temporarily enable it? thx

  • Indeed, it looks likeAPP_DISABLE_SIGNUP=true can be set to false to enable multiple user accounts but currently the Cloudron app does not allow env to be customizable. Will look into updating the app.

  • thx girish :D

  • I have published a new version now, which supports env variable overrides and puts another fix to allow user signups.

    Once the app is updated (Cloudron package version 1.0.2) use either the cloudron cli tool or the webterminal and putAPP_DISABLE_SIGNUP=false in the file at/app/data/.env.overrides Then restart the app.

    I will put more description later in our user docs, but let us know if it worked for you.

  • Yes, @nebulon ! It works perfectly.

    echo "APP_DISABLE_SIGNUP=false" > /app/data/.env.overrides and reboot enables new account registration

    > /app/data/.env.overrides and reboot disables registration