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  • Hi, for some time, I've been getting an error using DAVDroid (android app) and SoGo. The error comes up when trying to sync a new contact from android to the server.

    The error that Sogo returns is:
    ExecutionFailed REASON:Unknown column 'c_hascertificate' in 'field list'

    The error was already discussed here: and came up because of an update in some of the last commits.

    The solution from one of the users in the above link was:

    "It seems that a new column 'c_hascertificate' was added to the
    SoGo-mysql-database around Dec 25th. I was able to resolve this issue by manually adding a column c_hascertificate' (as INT) to the relevant database."

    Can you update this as well in cloudron?

    Thanks, T.

  • Hi, any possible news on this or how I could help resolve it? The sync is not working.

  • Staff

    Which Cloudron package version of SOGo is this? You can see that if you press the (i) button in the app grid of your SOGo instance, then the package version is displayed on the top of the dialog.

  • Staff

    @tadeas For more context, see We released a new sogo (scroll down in that blog).

  • @girish It's 4.0.0 in SOGo, and it says Package v2.0.0 in Cloudron admin interface.

  • @girish updated cloudron to 2.4, same issue persists, it's about what I linked in the first post. alternatively i cna move to a different card/cal dav app on cloudron and let this go, it's annoying .)

  • Staff

    @tadeas Yeah, I understand. @nebulon is looking into this, we will keep you updated here.

  • Staff

    @tadeas thanks for the report, I am now able to reproduce this here as well and will hopefully be able to update the SOGo package to solve this for good.

  • Staff

    So as @girish inidicated, due to the way we initially packaged SOGo, we had to publish an entirely new package for Cloudron lately with a new app ID. That one is not possible to update from the old SOGo package to the new one. The reason is the way we used to map users. So @tadeas if you do not have much data in your SOGo installation now, the easiest way would be to simply install SOGo fresh on your Cloudron, this will pick the new package, however note that the login credentials will be different! The new package works based on the mailboxes on the Cloudron, like other PIM apps with email support.
    I will see if we can provide an update to the old package though to fix this issue for users of the old package.

  • Staff

    Alright I managed to publish an update to the old SOGo package, which includes the fix.
    @tadeas let me know if this works for you once you update your app instance.

  • @nebulon Thanks guys, it works. Your support is good! I don't know how many people use cloudron as a private replacement of cloud services, but I think if you get all these details down and everything just works, there's a market for that 🙂