ESPO CRM not sending email.

  • I am having an issue with ESPO crm, and cannot seem to find a solution anywhere. When I compose and attempt to send email from within ESPO CRM I get this error. :undefined:“:undefined:Error 500: Authenticated user cannot send mail”:undefined:

    Note. When I log in as admin and send a test email can send a test email. Only user accounts outside of the default admin account (like mine) fail to send email.

    ![alt text]0_1527887814423_Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 5.27.21 PM.png

  • @roofboard Right, this is because by default Cloudron does not allow apps to send email as anybody else i.e the crm app can only send email only In 2.3.1 release, there is a UI to disable this functionality. 2.3.1 is not released yet but we intend to push it out this weekend.


  • Also, the API is (just that there is no UI).